Explosion in Amravati jail, explosives were thrown inside a ball, police is investigating the matter

Maharashtra: There has been an explosion in the Central Jail in Amravati, Maharashtra. This incident happened around 8 pm on Saturday night. When a ball-shaped explosive was thrown in the jail. Due to which there was a huge explosion in front of barrack number 6 and 7. The entire jail was shaken by this explosion. However, the investigation of the explosive used in this incident has not been completed yet. Looking at its size, it is being said to be a desi bomb. Let us tell you that there have been no casualties in this incident so far. After the incident, Amravati CP-DCP and top police officials along with the bomb disposal squad reached the spot to investigate the matter.

The police is busy investigating the incident of this blast that happened late night in the Central Jail. However, the reason behind throwing explosives inside the jail is not known yet. Police officers are also engaged in investigation to know the reason behind the blast. Let us tell you that the police has not yet considered the explosive as a bomb. Police says that the forensic team is investigating to know whatever was used for the explosive. Only after investigating this matter, the reason for the blast and the explosive material used in the incident will be known.

The explosive used in this incident has not been investigated yet. Amravati Police Commissioner Naveen Chandra Reddy said that initial investigation has revealed that a firecracker or bomb was thrown from the bridge of the nearby highway through a ball. However, the person who threw the explosive in the jail has not been identified yet. According to the information received, no one has lost their life in this incident so far.


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