Meet Young Entrepreneur and Youth Motivator Sahil Bhugra, whose Interaction with Humari Baat Editor Snehil Sharma is thought-provoking and eye-opening.

Chandigarh – 22-year-old Sahil Bhugra recently came to India from Canada. He has pursued his post-graduation degree from Canada. He is right now joining a new venture. After returning to India, He was expecting many positive changes but experienced the opposite.

Is India Booming or still the same?

During his conversation, when he was asked what his take and view on India after returning are? He said in the last three years he has been traveling to different countries and regions like UAE, Switzerland, Zurich, Cairo, Egypt, Milan (Italy), and of course Canada. He will be visiting the US after spending two or three months in India. Leaving infrastructure apart he said education and opportunities are not up to the mark. The NEET Exam is just one example. If such scams still exist then how can we expect good doctors in a populous country like India where the need for medical services is in high demand? He said Chandigarh is not the same place anymore. He further emphasized the prevalence of extreme news and corruption in India. He said we cannot expect a developed India with corruption. He said that Police bribing against challans still exists. Licensing authorities still take bribes during filing and registrations.

Further, asked about any good changes he has seen. Replying to it he said at the center many things changed but has not seen these changes in Chandigarh. He has been to many places in India like Dehradun, Mumbai, and many more but experienced many shitty things happening. People are dying on the streets, no care has been provided by the state Government. He further explained the value system Indians used to have. India used to be culturally diverse and enriched, but there is no value system now. The caste differences, Religious differences, and most importantly self serving motives are increasing in India.

Job Opportunities in India

While answering job opportunities in India, Sahil said unless you have substantial money from your forefathers, India is not the place where you will get a handsome salary commensurate with your hard work. The DC Rate for Level 1 workers is around Rs. 18,500, and in the private sector, the salary is even lower. In Canada, you are getting $17 per hour. If we consider the population too, at least, a laborer should get at least Rs. 3,000 per day, we all know India is the 5th Largest Economy now. Laborers are not even respected. He said the Government should find different ways to resolve this issue.

He said the generation now does not listen, this generation experiences and then learns from it. Talking about Youths, he said Students from schools and colleges, should move out and make money. They must know how hard it is to make money. He said many students graduated from prestigious universities but did not earn as expected. They are earning Rs 40,000 a month, which is not enough in today’s context, and if you are living in a city like Chandigarh. He gave an example of a cook or waiter working in a Canadian Restaurant. He said he or she would be earning Rs. 200,000 per month. The cost of living in Canada is indeed very high but it ultimately improves the standard of living, even if you are in the laborer class.

Talking about his plans he said he will further stay in touch with Team Humari Baat for a podcast series on International Issues. Stay Tuned!


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