Kashmir Tigers took responsibility of Kathua terrorist attack, targeted army by ambush, 5 soldiers martyred

Jammu-Kashmir: 5 soldiers were martyred in the terrorist attack on the Indian Army vehicle in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir on Monday (8 July). While five soldiers are still reported to be injured. At the same time, an organization named Kashmir Tigers has taken responsibility for this attack. Kashmir Tigers ambushed the Indian Army convoy in the Kathua area of Jammu and Kashmir.

The organization named Kashmir Tigers has also issued a letter in this regard. By issuing the letter, they have taken responsibility for this attack. It is written in the letter, “Mujahideen used grenades and sniper rifles. After the attack, the Mujahideen managed to get out safely. According to the reports so far, 7 captured officers were killed and 6 were injured in this attack. This attack is a revenge for the three Mujahideen martyred in Doda (2024-06-26). More devastating attacks will be launched soon. The war will continue till the independence of Kashmir.”

According to the information given by the military officials, this attack took place in Badnota village located in Lohai Malhar, 150 km from Kathua. They told that some army vehicles were on regular patrol in the area. During this time the terrorists attacked the convoy. Security forces retaliated. Officials said that additional security forces were sent to the area. At the same time, after this terrorist attack on the military vehicle, a comprehensive search operation is being carried out in the area and the road leading to Billawar has been blocked. The police is also checking every vehicle.

Let us tell you that the terrorist organization named Kashmir Tigers, which has taken responsibility for this attack, is associated with Jaish-e-Mohammed. Jaish-e-Mohammed is a Pakistani terrorist organization, which has been banned. Kashmir Tigers is also a branch of this Jaish-e-Mohammed.


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