Priyanka Reddy's Rape

Crime or safety of an individual has become the biggest issue of our society. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, untoward may happen to anybody. Rape and Murdering a woman is a most swear problem in this issue. It is not just killing or depriving a victim but it is a killing of humanity, total damage of our respected constitution. In a nutshell it is a victory of the lawlessness over the righteousness.

Snehil Sharma

Our nation got the independence on 15th August 1947 but still we are living under the shadow of fear because as a father I can not say my daughter to go out alone with her friends. As a Husband, I can not ask my wife to got out to buy something after 8:00 pm. I cannot let my mummy to visit a temple for evening Aarti. Because at night bastard people like Muhammad Pasha are wandering on the roads with their evil motives. For how long Police will ignore such incidents and will remain in fear of these gangs.

Reddy’s murder is a great loss to our nation. She was a doctor and ailing animals. She was busy in accomplishing her goals and living life in the welfare of animals. But she might have never thought that she had to leave her life like this. Who is responsible for the plight of her parents? Why Hyderabad Administration is silent on this?

Hyderabad’s Asaduddin Owaisi is busy in bad mouthing against the verdict of Supreme Court and other matters that is not coming under his responsibility. Now give us the explanation on this? What will you do and how will you give punishment to the criminals? It is advice from Team Humari Baat to take care of your constituency first rather than interfering in matters of other constituencies.

Humari Baat is not associating it with communal distortion because a criminal has no religion but it is the question of manhood to stay in limits. A Male has to understand that the society is not male dominating.
What government should do to counter rape cases?

  • A strong law has to be made in which capital punishment should be mandatory after life imprisonment.
  • We need to train police staff in preventing such incidents. Hire more police guards for patrolling and CCTV cameras should be fixed at every spot. All street lights should be fixed and working at night.
  • Religious teachers, Parents and school teachers should teach students and kids to respect womanhood. So from childhood they should learn to respect each and every living being.
  • Dirty Office talks should be prohibited and no joke should be made in office that disgraces womanhood. Sex/adult talks in offices, schools and public places
  • Last but not the least Government should take initiatives to teach girls self defense and it should be mandatory because it is need of hour.

Big Media houses and pseudo secular gang are silent in this issue. Social media broke out on this and directly pointing them as partial and ignorant.

Team HUMARI BAAT is very much sad on this. Our grievances and condolences can not bring back “Our sister Priyanka Reddy” only justice for Priyanka can make her soul Rest in Peace.


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