Death of Sushant Singh Rajput has taken the nation by storms. Right from 14th June, people over social media had driven various trends to give justice to Sushant Singh Rajput. Many actors and actresses were appealing for the CBI inquiry for the death mystery of Kedarnath actor “Sushant Singh Rajput”. Since Maharashtrian Police claimed it was a suicide to which many people just opposed and claimed it was either provoked suicide or a murder. Even the parents of Sushant Singh lodged the FIR in Bihar against Rhea Chakraborty for using Sushant to fulfill the monetary needs. Many Politicians were using the case to fulfill their political agendas. Actually many people claimed that Aditya Thackery is linked to Rhea Chakraborty and the case that was whey the Maharashtra police was not cooperating with Bihar Police to which Shiv Sena later opposed. Sanjay Raut heated the controversy by targeting Sushant’s father that he has two wives. In reply to this, Rhea’s father filed a defamation suit against Sanjay Raut. Recently Supreme Court intervened and handed over the case to CBI, aside to it ED and NCB are also inquiring about this case. NCB is involved because of the drug angle linking to it.

Sushant Singh RajSSR death Caseput

But today the case has been trending on social media and electronic media is using this case to gain TRP. Rhea is one of the prime suspects of it. Even then India Today had interviewed her so on this many TV news channels started pointing to each other. Every news channel is doing its own investigation which can polarize the investigation going on by various inquiry agencies. It is important to just provide information but it is wrong to put your own story on this case.

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput is not just the death of a film actor but it is the injury on the aspirations of a small-town boy who wanted to be part of this industry. His death has revealed the hidden secrets of the Bollywood Industry. His death questioned the sustainability of the modern lifestyle that most of the 21st-century generation youths wanted to have. The most important question is that if a celebrity’s mysterious death isn’t being solved so easily, then what would have happened to a person who is just a common man.


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