why congress is anti hindu party

Here are the ten reasons given by Hindu extremists that proves why Indian National Congress proves it as an Anti Hindu Party?

Congress is having problem with Vande Mataram

After independence it was decided that Vande Mataram would be the national anthem. But Former PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru opposed this and said that Vande Mataram would hurt the heart of Muslims. Whereas before this, many Muslim leaders used to sing Vande Mataram. Nehru took this stance and instigated the Muslim fundamentalists. The result of which the country is still suffering. Wherever it is sung, Congress leaders oppose it very proudly.

Opposition to Somnath Temple:

RashtraPita Gandhi Ji and Nehru opposed the rebuilding of the Somnath Temple, one of the most important temples of the Hindus. Gandhi ji had objected, saying that government treasury money should not be invested in temple construction, while by this time large amount of donations in Hindu temples had started depositing in the Government treasury. But the Congress did not let this happen.

Objection to Hindu word in BHU:

Nehru and Gandhi had objections to the word Hindu at the Banaras Hindu University. Both wanted it to be removed. For this, he also pressurized Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya. While both had no objection to the name of Aligarh Muslim University.

Subsidy for Haj introduced:

It was the Congress government that started subsidizing Muslims going on Haj. No such subsidy is given in any other country of the world. While the Congress government imposed a special tax on the Amarnath Yatra and even on Kailash Man Sarovar. Apart from this, infrastructure was never allowed to be developed for other religious visits of Hindus. Now after the coming of the Modi government, the work of connecting the four dhams of Uttarakhand has started.

Hindus behind 26/11:

After the Mumbai attack, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh had claimed the conspiracy of Hindu organizations behind it. This statement of Digvijay was used extensively by Pakistan and even today when this attack is mentioned, the Pakistani government, quoting Digvijay, proves that RSS was behind the attack. The Congress never took any action or rebuttal against this statement of Digvijay.

Temple visitors do flirting:

Rahul Gandhi had said that those who visit the temple tease girls. This statement was also a sign of the anti-Hindu thinking of the Congress and its top leadership. It is a different matter that Rahul Gandhi himself has visited many temples after being defeated badly in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However, her mother Sonia still does not do anything to send the message that she has any connection with Hinduism.

Affidavit on Ram Setu:

In 2007, the Congress government gave an affidavit in the Supreme Court that since Ram, Sita, Hanuman and Valmiki are fictional characters, Ram Setu cannot be considered of any religious significance. When the BJP took up the matter vigorously, the Manmohan Government had to drag its feet back. However, in the later period also the Congress has been in the favor of breaking Ram Setu.

Coining the term Hindu terrorism

Earlier the word terrorism was never used with Hindus. After the Malegaon and Samjhauta train blasts, the Congress governments, in a very deep conspiracy, wrapped up Hindu organizations in this blast and expressed that the threat of Hindu terrorism was looming in the country. Whereas there was nothing like that. The innocents who were arrested in this case are proving innocent after being in jail for so many years.

Comparing Ram with Islamic practice:

During the trial in the Supreme Court on triple talaq, Kapil Sibal compared it to the Lord Ram. It was certain that Kapil Sibal had said this very consciously, not inadvertently. His intention was to make fun of Lord Rama. By making this argument in the court, the Congress had tried to please the Muslims.

It is believed that Kapil Sibal had given this statement with the intention of deliberately hurting the feelings of Hindus. But Kapil Sibal’s statement was only a part of this long sequence.

An attempt to divide into the army:

During former PM Manmohan Singh’s time, there was a great effort to divide the Indian Army into caste and religion. Then, based on the recommendation of the Sachar Committee, a survey was conducted to find out Muslims in the army. The matter was suppressed after the BJP’s and Defense’s opposition, but it is still seen today as a serious attempt to break the country’s armies.

All these incidents prove that Congress is party who has Anti Hindu ideology. This is evident in current scenario that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited AIIMS after JNU Violence and met only left wing students. she totally ignored ABVP students.


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