Chief of BSP Mayawati has said that the government is not taking seriously the reports of several doctors and other frontline workers falling ill and even dying due to Covid-19. The government was ignoring several cases of teachers who were on duty during panchayat polls and had died due to Covid-19 , she added further. Mayawati’s comments have come at a time when the government has claimed that three teachers and one shiksha mitra died on duty during the panchayat elections, as against the claim made by the teachers’ association that over1,600 lost their lives to Covid as a result of panchayat poll duties.

“Complaints of teachers and other government officials falling ill and succumbing to Covid-19 during the course of panchayat elections are quite common but because they are not being properly investigated, the families are not getting requisite help from the government. The government should pay immediate attention to this,” she said. The former UP chief minister added: “It is extremely sad that the government has been ignoring several cases of corona warriors, especially doctors and health workers, falling ill in the course of duty with many of them losing their lives. There is an urgent need for the government to take matter of their security more seriously.”


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