Daily predictions 16 March 2021 by Yogesh Vats

Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A)

On this day, you will have more versatility in your nature. Wherever you go, you will make the atmosphere mild with a humorous nature, but keep in mind that crossing the limits can lead to quarrel or break up with someone today. By taking less interest in the work business today, God will continue to be confident, yet he will thrill news of accidental profit. For the old, the loss will also be sudden due to the decision, yet on this day the amount of money will be more than the expenditure. Outside travel tours will take more interest in eating and drinking and spending on these will also be more than necessary. Women, due to their stubborn nature, will also trouble other people along with themselves.

Taurus (E, OO, A, O, VA, V, WU, WAY, Wo)

This day will be adverse for you. The decision may prove to be wrong for you. Businessmen will also be troubled by the loss of work. You will get profitable news at the beginning of the day, but at the end of time there will be disappointment by turning it into profit loss. Today, even with economic behavior, money can be trapped for a long time. There will be an increase in complications in government work, which will waste money and time. There may be outrage on the public sector. Even at home, you can become a victim of someone’s cheat. Most of the day will cause mental disturbance. The problem will increase due to physical pain. There will be differences with the elders of the house and the neighborhood neighbors.

Gemini (ka, ki, ku, d, g, k, ko, ha)

Today all your work will go on uninterruptedly. Financial benefits from work business will also be solved to some extent due to intermittent money-related problems. Afternoon, the mind will remain distraught due to some hidden concern, but soon we will get rid of this problem too. Women working today will be angry with anything on the work area but will help to make the house beautiful, there will be some discomfort due to physical pain, yet can complete the domestic work on time. Relations with neighbors will improve. The children will be arbitrary which will cause anger. There will be relief from a reduction in lending practice today. The elders of the house will provide benefits.

Cancer (Hee, Hoo, Hee, Ho, Da, Dee, Doo, Dey, Doe)

From today you will not expect anything special, yet today there will be something that you did not imagine. Even from the economic perspective, the day will be more profitable than expected, but the business class should take special care to avoid the behavior of lending. Job professionals will adopt some wrong methods to persuade the officers, due to which there is a possibility of debate. Today you will become more greedy with money. They will also cut down on meeting family needs, which will result in resentment of women or children.

Leo (Ma, Me, Moo, Me, Mo, Ta, Tee, To, Tee)

Today will be a very turbulent day, yet the interest in spirituality will not be disturbed mentally. Today, sudden changes will have to be made in business plans. The pace of work will be slow at the beginning of the day, the business relationships can be spoiled due to not fulfilling the promise on time. Employees today will show a lack of respect for the work which may pose a threat to the job. You will not be able to take concrete decisions about any task, but in whatever work you invest in it, it will definitely succeed with the help of money, the money will also be required as per the requirement, but after the evening, the money related work can get entangled. The family will be saddened by your threatening behavior.

Virgo (toe, pa, p, po, sh, n, th, pe, po)

On this day, you will not be in a condition to do any major work or hard work mentally. Today, someone who will make up his mind to do the work he wants to do, many people who are confused will also meet today, due to which there is a possibility of a loss of work. Despite the struggle of the day, today you will do more carelessness today, people of work or right guides will find you wrong, on the contrary, you will be kind to those who give the wrong opinion. But after Madhyan, the situation will improve and after taking some education from his mistakes, he will still listen to his mind. Due to the benefit of a little money, the expenses will keep going. There may be disputes at home due to evasive attitude.

Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te)

This day will be auspicious. In the morning, the completion of a plan will bring money. Today, the routine will be organized, the tasks will also be completed in time, but due to the mind of the journey, necessary work will have to be changed. Financially, the day will be auspicious, but it will not last long before the hand is opened. Do not increase the lending behavior much, otherwise the complications will increase. Today, social relations will remain a sham. There will be a sense of peace and happiness in the family, but the nature of the female class may suddenly change. Be cautious. To maintain peace in a householder, family needs will have to be fulfilled. Will also spend in religious work. There may be a blood-biliary disorder.

Scorpio (So, ni, ni, nu, ne, no, ya, yi, u)

Today, the amount of money available will be as quick as possible. Even with austerity, expenses will not be controlled, contingency expenses will create economic confusion. We will plan to expand in the business, but do not invest today, there is a high possibility of getting stuck in the money. The natives of the job will be troubled by the excess of tasks. The economic benefit will continue throughout the day, if we can control the expenses, then this money will prove to be very useful in the coming time. The elderly or officers of the house will get proper guidance, yet due to haste in nature, they will rarely be able to take advantage of it. Women will prove more useful today.

Sagittarius (yeh, yo, bha, bhi, bhu, dha, fa, dha, bhe)

Today will be auspicious for you. Today there will be a feeling of benevolence in you, in return for which you will get respect and fortune. Businessmen will be apprehensive at the beginning about the work, but gradually a situation of profit will start. Job occupation will become a means of additional income to the people. Today, the guidance of the members of the household will also play an important role. Spend some time with the elders. Brothers and brothers can be debated on mutual transactions. To join an event, one may have to change the daily routine. Health will be normal for some time, due to mental agitation, there will be headaches.

Capricorn (bho, ja, ji, khi, khu, kha, kho, ga, gi)

On this day, the sharp sound of your speech will buy in vain. The mind will also skip the things of work and wander around here and there. There is a need to be careful in every task. Restrain the tendency to run after money today, otherwise, there will be a loss of value along with money. Due to the completion of old work in the earlier part of the afternoon, daily expenses will come out of getting a little money. The time after this will become unfavorable. Competitors in the work business will try to interrupt your work in every way. There will be a quarrel with the family even on a minor matter. Be restrained with speech and behavior. Due to the decline in health, drugs will have to be resorted to.

Aquarius (goo, gay, go, sa, si, soo, se, soo, da)

Your day will be a little uphill today. One can get upset due to someone’s arbitrary attitude during the morning. But today will be auspicious from an economic perspective. Getting back the money that has been in business for several days will bring peace. Do not invest in stock trading today. Do not borrow or give it to anyone. People at home and outside will also praise your intellectual capacity. But the environment of the house is likely to deteriorate due to any misunderstanding, respond to someone’s talk only when necessary, otherwise keep silent will avoid wasteful discord. Women will be happy to get good news but due to any other reason, mental disturbance can be incurred.

Pisces (Di, Du, Th, Jh, J, De, Do, Cha, Chi)

On this day you will get mixed fruits from almost all the work. Wasteful expenses will remain low, but contingency expenses can increase economic confusion. A little effort will help a lot of money. Do not forget to borrow transactions today, otherwise, you will regret it later. Businessmen will also be worried about old borrowing. Do not expect much cooperation from anyone at home and outside today; Work will have to be run with limited resources, a mental condition also will not be able to make any head in any work due to being satisfied today. Today, at home, someone will suffer physically or mentally. Women will suffer from the feeling of showing, but even if they do a little, they will offer a big offer. There can be bickering over a trivial matter. Spend the day patiently. Avoid objecting to Dusaro’s mistake as well.


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