Dindigul (TN), Sept 26 (PTI)An ancient statue of Goddess ‘Badhra Kali’ has been unearthed from a riverbed at Iravimangalam village in the district.

The beautifully carved stone sculpture should be about 1,000 years old, archaeologist V.Narayanamoorthy said.

The statue is 100 cm tall and 137 cm wide.

The Goddess is sitting on a block of stone with the left foot stamping the ‘asura’ and the right foot in a squatting position.

She is seen holding a skull in one of the arms and a crown on the head. She is also holding a ‘trishul’ on her right hand. A drum, shield, and bells are seen in her different hands that are spread out, he said.

“The expression of anger on the face had been beautifully depicted by the sculptor…it looks very natural,” the archaeologist said.


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