Dehradun, 25 Dec 2023: Uttarakhand Mool Niwas Swabhiman Maharally is being organized in Dehradun today to demand implementation of Native Home Law in Uttarakhand and declaration of its cut-off date as 26 January 1950 and implementation of strong land law in the state.

A large number of youth and various social and political organizations have arrived from across the state to participate in the Maharally. People gathered at the parade ground and raised slogans against the government. People will gather at the Rally Parade Ground in the form of a rally and will reach the Martyr Memorial at Kachari via Convent School, SBI Chowk, Buddha Chowk, Doon Hospital, Tehsil Chowk. After this a meeting will be organized here.

Mohit Dimri, convenor of Mool Niwas, Land Law Coordination Sangharsh Committee, said that this is a fight for the identity and rights of the people of Uttarakhand. The government had contacted the members associated with the Sangharsh Samiti through various mediums and requested them to postpone the rally.

He said that we respect this initiative and activism of the government, but this is a people’s movement, which is being led by the common people of Uttarakhand. Therefore, any decision related to this movement will come from the general public only.

At the same time, BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt clarified regarding the land law that our government is committed to preserving the basic concept of state building. He said that after the strictest anti-copying and conversion law, the BJP government will also bring a strict land law in the interest of the natives.


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