Uttarkashi, 27 March 2024: Gyansu-Sald-Upperikot motor road, the lifeline of about 12 villages, has been shedding tears over its poor condition for the last five years. On the demand of the local people, some potholes of the road are filled by PWD, but about 18 km of the road has not been re-asphalted.

BDC member Tanuja Negi, village head Sald Sanju Negi says that the about 18 km long Gyansu-Sald-Uparikot motor road is the lifeline of 12 villages. Due to the negligence of the provincial section of the Public Works Department, the poor road condition is inviting accidents. The department asphalted it only once, but after that the department forgot the road. Public representatives allege that just to distribute the budget, the department fills the potholes on the road once a year, which get washed away during the rains.

The government has given a budget for the improvement of five kilometers of road. The work will be started after the code of conduct is over. Soon a budget will be demanded for the improvement of the entire road.


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