Dehradun-. Former MLA and senior UKD leader Kashi Singh Airi has been elected as the Central President of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal.The biennial convention of the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal began amidst the dignified presence of the senior leaders of the party and the enthusiasm of the workers and delegates who arrived in large numbers from different districts across the state at the capital wedding point of Shastri Nagar, Dehradun. The first session of the program was started by lighting the lamp by the chief guest senior party leader Diwakar Bhatt, senior party leaders Kashi Singh Airi, Trivendra Singh Panwar, Narayan Singh Jantwal, Pushpesh Tripathi and the top leaders of the party.

In his welcome address in the meeting of the first session started under the chairmanship of senior party leader Kashi Singh Airi, the senior leader of the party, former president B.D. Raturi stressed on collective efforts and discharge of collective responsibility for the strength of the party. He said that the challenges faced by the party today to save the state can be faced only by being united.Former President Trivendra Singh Panwar said that the organization will have to be strengthened till the village. Only then can success come. In the first session, after placing the biennial report on behalf of the party in the house, the district heads from different districts placed the report of the district in the house and resolved to work for the strength of the party. Despite the compulsion of Kovid rules, a large number of workers from far flung areas of the state reached the convention, during which there was great enthusiasm among the workers. In the political resolution to declare Gairsain permanent, to implement the original residence in 1950, to implement 70 percent reservation for the indigenous people of the state, to give 10 percent horizontal reservation to the state agitators, to implement strict land laws, to give industry status to tourism and pilgrimage, Group C recruitment should be done outside the purview of the Public Self Commission, the process of police grade pay should be started soon and 18 political resolutions were passed. The process of election started at 5.30 pm. On behalf of the party, Inder Singh Manral was appointed as election officer, and Vijay Baudai was appointed as co-election officer. In the house, BD Raturi proposed the name of Kashi Singh Airi for the post of the party’s central president, approval of the proposal Diwakar Bhatt, Trivendra Singh Panwar, Dr. Narayan Singh Jantwal, Pushpesh Tripathi, AP Juyal, Harish Pathak, Chandra Shekhar Kapri and Surendra Kukreti did it.

With unanimous consent, Election Officer Inder Manral and Co-Election Officer Advocate Vijay Boudai declared Kashi Singh Airi elected as the President of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal in the middle of the House. Addressing the House, newly elected Speaker Erie said that the mistakes which have been committed so far will not be repeated. Everyone has to be accountable. Each officer will be assessed according to his work. All the revolutionary workers warmly welcomed Mr. Airi.


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