The woman kept fighting with the leopard for a minute, Kheema had reached the field to collect grass

Almora: A leopard attacked a woman near her house in broad daylight in Dwarahat. The woman got injured. Coincidentally her life was saved. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Kheema Devi (34), resident of Talli Tumdi, along with her friends reached the fields near their house around 10 am on Sunday to collect grass. The leopard in ambush attacked her. When she shouted, her fellow women also made noise. After a struggle that lasted for a minute, the leopard ran away and her life was saved. The leopard made deep wounds on the woman’s body with its nails. The family took her to CHC where after treatment the doctors sent her home. According to doctors, her condition is out of danger.

There is panic in the entire area due to this incident which happened in broad daylight. After the information, the Forest Department team reached the spot and patrolled. The injured has been given financial assistance of Rs 5000. Scared by the incident, the villagers have demanded the capture of the leopard.

After the forest fire, wildlife started moving towards the population
Recently, forest fires have affected the lives of people as well as wildlife. The forest department also admits that many wildlife and birds have died after the forest fire. Those who are left are facing food crisis and they are migrating out of the forests towards the populated areas.

Leopards started reaching Almora and Ranikhet Nagar
Recently, leopard registered its presence near the TRC of Tourism Department near Almora Nagar. A leopard also attacked the Cantonment Board office in the middle of Ranikhet city. At other places also, leopard activity is being seen every day near the populated areas.

After the information, reached the spot with the team. The injured have been given financial assistance. The team will patrol the area to detect leopard activity, only after that necessary steps will be taken.
-Madan Lal, Ranger, Dwarahat.

After the forest fire, wildlife is migrating towards the population. If they get used to living near the population and get easy food, the danger may increase. It is expected that after the rains the wildlife will move to the forests.
-Hem Chandra Gahtodi, DFO, Civil Soyam, Almora.


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