Almora Campus SSJ

With the Rise of havoc in the SSJ Amora Campus. Soban Singh Jeena replaced its Director. Deepak Upreti has come back to his home.

Humari Baat Source

On Wednesday, the atmosphere changed in the Soban Singh Jeena campus, after a four-day uproar, the campus was opened today. A new director appeared there on the chair. He first withdrew the suspension of student union president Deepak Upreti. Along with this, He has rejected the collective resignations of all officers. They were asked to continue out their past work. The students also spoke positively and respected the appeal of the director.

On Tuesday evening after releasing from the jail, student union president Deepak Upreti urged to change ProfessorRS Pathani the University Director of Almora. As a result Deputy Director Prof. Jagat Singh Bisht became the new Director of the University.


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