Beware: Hackers started taking SMS in their system, such fraud is being executed.

Delhi, India. SMSes that have become the key to transactions on mobile phones, payment of money in accounts and other banking functions have also come in the reach of hackers. Taking advantage of a weakness of telecom companies in the US, they are turning on OTP and log-in links sent to their systems via SMS.Hacking text is done through the messaging management service provided by the telecom companies themselves. Some US telecom companies are providing these services for only $ 16, or less than 1200 rupees. Hackers are taking advantage of this by invoking SMS in their own system.These SMS can contain many types of information, OTP, authentication link of any app or service. Many times companies do not give information about this SMS redirection even to the customer, nor take their permission. In such a situation, it becomes easy for the hacker to loot its prey.

Beware of Hacking through SMSes

American telecom companies AT&T and Verizon have placed the responsibility on the US telecom organization CTIA. The CTIA has given a statement that no major loss of information has been revealed to the customers so far from this threat.


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