Indonesia Accident, 25 12 2023: 23 killed in Morowali Industrial Park in Sulawesi province of eastern Indonesia

In December, there was an explosion in a Chinese funded nickel plant. In which 12 people have died and more than 40 people have been injured. An official of Morowali IT Park said, This accident happened in the early morning of today i.e. December 23 at a plant owned by Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel.

Giving information on this accident, Morowli II Park spokesperson Dedi Kurniawan said, ‘The current number of victims is 51. So far 12 people have died in this incident and 39 people have been injured, who are undergoing treatment in the hospital, he said. “Five foreign workers, including 7 Indonesians, have died in this blast. The identities of all the victims have been kept secret.”

According to media reports, a plant official said, “Preliminary investigation has revealed that the explosion occurred during repair work on a furnace, when a flammable liquid caught fire and the subsequent explosion caused oxygen leakage in nearby areas.” The tanks also burst. However, after the fire on 23rd December, the fire was brought under control the next day i.e. today i.e. 24th December. The company running the IT park said, “It has suffered a lot due to this disaster. The bodies of the victims identified in it have been sent to their respective families.”


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