The largest community from Haryana which is associated to protect cows has now launched “” portal. The major purpose of the portal is to distribute freelancing service of Pandits across India. The Mera Pandit portal is having almost 3000 pandits across India and soon will adjoin 10000 pandits across India.

The venture is initiated by Mr. Pradeep Chaturvedi and Mr. Raghavendra. Mr. Pradeep is An infectious dreamer and a visionary leader, Pradeep believes in the power of people engaged in executing strategies for impact on top-lines and bottom-lines. Driven by an innate zeal for differentiated value-based leadership, Pradeep brings exemplary people leadership and change management skills. Mr. Raghavendra is the owner of RAGASOFT SOLUTIONS who possesses an extensive comprehensive experience in software development.

Mr. Pradeep aims to present the miracle significance of cow and religious practices. He with the help of government, wants society to understand that the spiritual practices are a form of a profession for priests, so it is a right of a pandit to demand Dakshina of his or her choice. Where’s My Pandit is a one-stop solution for all your religious requirement to help one and all follow the rich culture and tradition of Hinduism. Serving across India, we are best in the country because of availability of Pandit services and Puja services across all languages and communities. As per Chaturvedi, “Puja” is the most popular form of worship practiced in almost every Hindu household even today, either on a daily basis or during some important religious function or ceremony. Our highly experienced pandit not only chant mantra but also let you know the importance of puja and meaning of the mantra. We worked with Pandit of the different region like Bengali Pandit, South Indian Pandit(including Tamil Pandit, Malayali Pandit.


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