Chandigarh. Yesterday, A fury demonstration was led by Shri Hindu Takht leader Manish Dubey in Chandigarh to point Rajasthan Government and demand punishment to the accused for the ruthless killing of sadhus. Ashok Tiwari who is national media advisor of “Hindu Takth was also present. Tiwari said that Shree Hindu Takht will not tolerate the killing of saints like this at any cost. Tiwari further said that our organization actually did the march under the leadership of Dubey with the instruction of Jagatguru Panchanand Giri ji. We only demand for the justice.

Demonstration March by Hindu Takht

Manish Dubey demanded to hang all the culprits by making this case in fast track courts, if the government delays in arresting all the culprits, then Shree Hindu Takht will not forgive CM Gehlot. In this demonstration March, Narendra Rai, Pancham Chauhan, Rakesh Dubey, Amit Pandey, Rajesh Chaudhary, Rajendra Yadav, Rudal Patel, Ajay Singh, Arvind Pal, Raju Kushwaha and the entire team of Shri Hindu Takht along with many sadhus and saints were also present. 100s of the team members from Shri Hindu Takht joined the march.


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