Congress protested for Hathras

Rapes, killing, mob lynching have become a daily event in India. The limit is reached when the discussion on the crime lost its focus from the actual criminals and people start blaming the opposing or ruling political party. Doing this, actually increase more noise and TRP on the TV news channel. Talk on the accused ones and adequate solutions to eradicate such crimes are hardly focused. It is true that the ruling government must be questioned for these crimes, but the primary focus of everyone is to make our nation crime-free

Congress Protested for Hathras
Congress Protested for Hathras

The Hathras incident is the perfect example that how Congress politicians and their allied TV news channels used it to gain personal empathy and TRPs. Likewise for the rape incidents in Rajasthan, and recently, the brutal killing of both Karoli’s pujari and Delhi’s Rahul Rajput became a political ground for BJP and this the target is the Gehlot government. But in both cases, no one went down to raise main issues and reasons that tend people to take the law in their hands and make such hideous crimes.

Team Humari Baat feels that the government should come up with constructive measures. Making strict laws can only make fear in the eyes of people and also these laws can only kill or punish the accused. But the actual solution is to improve the mindset and psychological behavior of all. A druggist or drunken one or a psycho person will not think of after consequences of it. Telling a woman or girl to not to wear small clothes is not the solution. There have been many rape cases when the victim’s age is lesser than 10 years. Likewise, the feeling of hatred and forcing someone also provokes murder crimes.

Karoli Pujari Burnt Alive

Soon Humari Baat will talk about such issues with experts like a psychologist, religious gurus, and teachers who are like the backbone of society and can help extensively in social reforms.


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