Public of Zirakpur continue to be disappointed by power cuts and high bill due to powercom’s negligence. Where as other negligence of department has come to light. In paramount society Zirakpur people replaced wrong consumer by removing the meter by own. Also the powercom employee at paramount society of Lohgarh on Thursday removed the flat 406 old to new meter. When the owner of house Mr. Somnath Bhalta asked about this, they replied that you had complained. Now new bill of 4-6 months will be made, it will made of D status due to bad meter. Mr. Somnath checked all old bills and those were made correctly matched with the reading of meter and all the bills were paid on time. Last bill of Rs. 1650 were deposited on February 22 before the due date. since the February 10, the month is almost yo pass, but the bill didn’t arrived yet.
Somnath aware all the staff that he didn’t filled any complaint as his meter is running properly. Also asked for showing the complaint proof. when department checked it was filled by someone else. In case he didn’t show awareness then he had to pay huge amount under D status of powercom.


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