Today begging for vaccine was held outside the government hospital in Sector-16 by holding a bowl by the members of Chandigarh Youth Congress,Youth Congress members were holding bowls in their hands and were demanding the administration to vaccinate people between the ages of 18 and 44 without registration.

The members of the youth wing said that the second wave has somehow come out, now before the third wave, the government should do the work of complete vaccination so that people do not face any kind of difficulty.

The youth wing members said that the way the government is appealing to get the vaccine dose, the vaccine is not available to the people, due to which the young people are worried. He said that due to non-availability of vaccine in many places of the country, people are not able to complete the vaccination work, due to which this risk may increase further.

Manoj Lubana of Youth Wing said that we appeal to the public authority with collapsed hands that the vaccine should be arranged for the people of 18 years to 44 years at the earliest and without registration, so that people have no problem in applying the vaccine. Don’t come When the youth wing members were begging for vaccine near the main gate of Sector-16 hospital, many Chandigarh Police personnel were deployed there. The youth wing members were being repeatedly asked by the police to maintain social distancing.


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