Yesterday on 27/8/19, a meeting of the Indian Cow Breeding and Savardhan Parishad was organized. In the meeting, the Hon’ble Mr. Khemchand Sharma, the VHP’s National Organization Minister, addressed other members that we should save desi cow by sheltering the cows on the streets and helping the farmers, by telling them the complete method of using panchgavya products and using them in day to day life. He also addressed the usefulness of cow dung and mutar. By bringing the cow urine extracts one can prepare insecticides, gau ark for increasing the fertility of woman, increasing its yield by one and a half times, one can increase his/her income, they can also contribute to the economic system of the country too. With the help of this, the sales centers will incur in Gali mohalla, ultimately eliminating the unemployment. Many farmers in village should learn about the benefits of using alopecia-based opioids made from Gomata products.

He further taught to members that how effective these products are in curing and countering harmful diseases, such as cancer, eczema, allergies, stomach-related pregnancy for pregnant women. Taking out half a glass of rash of cow dung gives a normal delivery and all the expenses of the operation can be saved. You can save your money and time by using them for this, he said members awareness programs only can protect Indian cows. Only by reaching at the house of the farmer and the cattle can increase the milk by giving him knowledge to improve the skills. Parishad is also conducting Gauvigyan examination. Sources say these examinations will be conducted in the whole of India in the month of November.

For awareness campaign in the tricity, the posts have been granted to new members. Mr. Bhoumik is chosen as new president in Zirakpur, while R.D. Bharti is new president from Dhakoli region for “Gau Hatya Evam Mas Niryat Nirodh Parishad”. While Snehil Sharma, has been appointed as President of Chandigarh region in the same category. Rishiraj is new President of “Bhartiya Gauvansh Rakshan and Sanvardhan Parishad” from Chandigarh region.


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