‘Due to forcement of PT teacher a innocent girl student of class 11th had committed Suicide in Moga, Punjab. On the basis of suicide note a complaint is filed and investigation took place’.

Moga, Punjab: A forcement action of PT teacher made a 11th class girl to commit suicide. Victim hanged herself and left the suicide note. It is also said there is an involvement of principle’s daughter. Investigation took place on the basis of suicide note.

Guljinder Pal Singh the sub-inspector said the 11th class students who is 17-years-old committed Suicide by hanging in the parking lot of house on Wednesday evening. It is said that the whole family of girl lives in Canada and she was staying with her grandparents.

When the investigation started a suicide note found near the body of girl in which girl is blaming PT teacher and principle’s daughter who were blackmailing her since past 2 months, due which she took this suicide step.

At the same time she was thankful for some people like her grandparents who made her last day memorable. Investigation revealed that the PT teacher was forcing for physical relationship and the daughter of principal was involved with teacher and was forcing her to make physical involvement with teacher.


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