Around 80 huts in Saketri village were burnt to ashes due to sudden fire on Diwali. People preparing to celebrate Deepawali were burnt to ashes on seeing the cash, clothes and other items kept in the huts. The fire brigade car arrived half an hour after receiving information, but the fire continued to spread to other slums. Six fire brigade vehicles controlled the fire after three hours of hard work. The cause of the fire is said to be the smoldering of a hut caused by a sudden spark while cooking.

There are about two hundred huts near Saketadi village. Shortly after Saturday afternoon, flames started rising from a hut. Residents in other huts tried to control the fire, but on seeing the fire, other huts were also engulfed. Many bicycles, bedding, clothes, rations and cash were also burnt by the fire. The tears of women and men suffering from fire damage on the festival day are not stopping. On receipt of the fire, social activists of the city have also started reaching out to help.

Saketri slums burnt during Diwali

Congress leaders slammed BJP on this

A Congress leader gave information to firefighters

Local Congress leader Anil Chauhan reached the fire department and got the vehicles managed. Anil Chauhan said that if the fire department had arrived on time, there would not have been such a big accident.

Provided jacket, sweater and ration

After the fire in 80 slums in village Saketri, Anil Thapar, manager of Shirdi Sai Seva Samaj, immediately arranged for 250 blankets for these families. Anil Thapar himself reached the spot on Sunday morning. Assured all possible help to these families. He arranged around 200 kg of ration. It includes flour, lentils, rice, salt, turmeric. Around 80 families were bought tarpaulin and rope in the morning.

Will run temporary school for children
Anil Thapar has also announced to run a temporary school for the education of children living here. School will be started by putting a tent in which children will be able to study. He said that small children living here will also be given toys.

Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Ranjita Mehta also asked local administrative officials to take cognizance of the matter. Ranjita Mehta said that everyone should work in unison to help the poor people. He embraced the women and tied them up and said that they would leave no stone unturned in helping them.

Will give utensils to the poor
After the fire in village Saketri, Tarsem Garg, chairman of Municipal Reform Assembly Panchkula also reached the spot. Who announced to give utensils for these families. Plates, spoons, glasses for about 250 people are being given to these families by the Municipal Reform Assembly.


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