Chandigarh Welfare Trust Founder, Satnam Singh Sandhu, Celebrates Historic Guinness World Record for Women’s Health

Chandigarh: In a groundbreaking achievement, Bharat has secured a new Guinness World Record, setting an exemplary milestone in ensuring the health and happiness of women across the nation. Chandigarh Welfare Trust (CWT) and the NID Foundation collaborated to achieve the remarkable feat of distributing the maximum number of sanitary pads within 24 hours. The monumental effort, aimed at promoting women’s well-being, was inspired by the visionary goals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Chandigarh Welfare Trust founder, Satnam Singh Sandhu, proudly announced the record-breaking accomplishment, highlighting its significance in the context of women’s health and hygiene. “Bharat, now have a new world record with the intend to ensure healthy and happy lives for women. I am proud to announce that CWT and NID foundation have created Guinness World Record of maximum distribution of pads in 24 hours to celebrate the vision of PM Modi ji and, we are elated to dedicated the award to Bharat.” said Sandhu.

The record-setting initiative resonates with the government’s vision, emphasizing the importance of menstrual hygiene and health. By distributing sanitary pads on such a massive scale, the campaign not only addresses a critical aspect of women’s well-being but also underscores the shared responsibility of society towards empowering women. The effort aligns seamlessly with Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous Bharat.

Sandhu expressed his pride in dedicating this prestigious award to the nation, emphasizing the collective endeavor to improve the lives of Bharat’s women. The achievement reflects the synergy between government initiatives and dedicated organizations, illustrating the positive impact of collaboration in addressing crucial societal issues.

This Guinness World Record not only signifies a momentous accomplishment but also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of menstrual health and hygiene, catalyzing a positive change for women across the nation. As the news of this historic achievement spreads, it is expected to inspire further initiatives and discussions centered around women’s health and empowerment in Bharat.


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