Ambala: Home and Health Minister Anil Vij’s first case of black fungus has come to light in the home sector amid the second wave of Covid-19. Black fungus case has been confirmed in the PGI of Chandigarh in a patient referred from Ambala’s private hospital.

Ashwani, a 45-year-old resident of Shehzadpur, beaten Covid-19 two days ago in the isolation ward of the Cantonment Civil Hospital, but after returning home when he woke up on Friday morning, he was unable to see anything from one eye. After bringing him to Lilavati Hospital in Ambala city, when the necessary test i.e. MRI was done, suspicious black fungus was found in him. When tested at PGI, the doctors there confirmed that one eye of the patient is a danger. The patient’s operation was not done till late Saturday night. It is said that Ashwani is working in the HUDA department of Panchkula. He was found infected on May 1 and remained admitted at the Cantonment Civil Hospital for treatment until May 13. Later, his corona report came back negative.
Sushil Goud, a resident of Shahzadpur, told that he had brought his brother-in-law Ashwani to PGI. Black fungus was confirmed here after the test. It was informed that the goods of the eye operation had been ordered, but the operation was postponed. The family were also surprised how he got infected again after his report came negative two days ago. Sushil said that the swelling in the eye is increasing and only vaccines and medicines are supported.

On the other hand, Dr. Rajat Mathur of Lilavati Private Hospital told that a patient named Ashwani had come on Friday. He was not able to see anything from his one eye. He arrived here after a private hospital. On seeing this there were symptoms of black fungus and he underwent both CT scan and MRI. After he saw the report, he immediately spoke on the phone to go to PGI. Treatment requires ENT, eyes and other specialists therefore he was referred. Instructions have been received by the CMO on Saturday that if any such patient comes, please inform them. By the way, I have put the matter in the cognizance of Dr. Sukhpreet, the Nodal Officer.
On the other hand, Dr. Sukhpreet, the reporting officer of Covid-19 Ambala, said that the matter had come to our notice on Saturday morning. Ambala’s patient has been diagnosed with black fungus at PGI.


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