Another Love Jihad case in Dehradun

Dehradun: Impersonating Manoj, Ikhlaq roped the girl, raped her, made MMS, looted Rs 5 lakh

Dehradun: Here another sensational case of love jihad has come to light in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Muslim youth disguised as a Hindu and raped a Hindu girl looted Rs 5 lakh on the pretext of marriage, and threatened to convert.

Dehradun’s new love Jihad case

Here a Muslim youth befriended a Hindu girl posing as a Hindu and raped her. He then threatened her that he would convert her and marry her and sell her. In fact, the young man, claiming himself to be a Hindu, first befriended the girl and developed a closeness with her. After which he raped the girl. Also, the accused extorted lakhs of rupees from the girl on various pretexts and blackmailed her. The Muslim youth threatened the girl that he would convert her and marry her and then earn money by selling her. On the other hand, on the complaint of the girl, the police have registered a case against the accused and started searching for him. The accused youth is originally a resident of Palwal, Haryana. Let us give you a brief description of the whole matter. While giving Tahrir to the police, the girl, a resident of the city Kotwali area, said that she met a young man named Manoj in 2019 and Manoj described himself as a student of GD Goenka University Gurugram.

After this, he slowly started talking to the girl, meanwhile, the young man came to Dehradun and raped the girl there. The young man assured the girl that he would marry her after completing her college studies, after that, he came to Dehradun several times and raped her together. After this, the accused told the girl that she needed some money to complete her studies and the girl gave him the money. After a few days, he took money saying that he was sick and in this way, he continued to take money from the girl. When the girl had some doubts, she reached Gurugram and there she came to know that the real name of the young man is not Manoj but Ikhlaq. After which the victim decided to leave him but the accused started threatening her and said that he has made a pornographic video of her and now he is threatening to make this video viral on the internet. Constant pressure on the accused young woman to convert her religion is making The police have started investigating the case on the basis of the girl’s Tahrir and have started searching for the accused.

The matter of Love Jihad is slowly and steadily expanding day by day more and more cases are increasing. That is the reason why Indians from ancient times discuss family members before marriage. It was because it assures the mentality of a person. Love is not the problem but mentality is a big issue. While making a relationship a girl should consider the family and upbringing of a boy. It is true that love always happens, but a relationship has to be planned.


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