Davinder Babla Bajrang Dal

Bajrang Dal Chandigarh warns Congress councilor Davindra Babla for hurting the sentiments of Hindus and asked to apologize for it else they are very well prepared to register a case on him. On 27 May 2020 a local Congress leader and Congress councilor gave a false statement against the temples and the devotees who visited the temples, and at the same time tried to disturb the harmony and by spreading hatred to arise tensions between Hindus and Sikhs. He is doing discrimination. During the time of this corona epidemic, all the temples and Hindu organizations made all possible efforts for sake of society welfare.

The committees of Hindu temples, institutions and all Hindu organizations in the city are feeling hurt and angry due to the wrong rhetoric of the Congress councilor. Chandigarh Bajrang Dal department convener Sushil Pandey and Chandigarh Bajrang Dal convener Narendra Bansal issued a joint statement to warn the Congress councilor that either he should apologize in writing to all Hindu organizations and temple institutions, else all temples and Hindu organizations together will take an legal action.


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