From past 200 years the commemoration of the Mahar battle with Peshwas is continuously performed. But 0n Jan 1st 2018 it was turned into a protest. And finally it became a riot. 20 buses vandalized ,one man killed, roads and railways had been blocked and moreover the property had damaged .For few people the battle was all about the Britishers and the Peshwas but few people take it as a Dalit protest against the upper caste. But this time they are together for the reservation for the Dalits in jobs and education.

This time Bhima Army President Vinay Ratan Singh going to be present in the bicentenary event. Soon, the hidden facts will be revealed .

Where as CM Devendra Fadnavis is trying hard to control the situation. But in a country where Phd Scholars apply for the peon jobs how one can ensure the job opportunities to a particular caste. When we talk about equality there comes a lot if things which demolish the idea of equality and promote inequality.

Still the Maharashtra is burning ,no doubt the government had regulated 144 in parts of Maharashtra but things will become more complicated due to rumors but the responsible police of the state had requested them to have patience and take the help of police to get the real information. Where as Pune police had launched a FIR against to the new elected Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani and JNU student Umar Khalid for giving “provocative speeches” and creating communal disharmony.


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