Arun Sood met the administrator regarding new airport road, land pooling policy and construction outside Lal Dora

Chandigarh, 25.11.23

Today, a delegation including former Chandigarh BJP President and Mayor Arun Sood, Senior Deputy Mayor Kanwar Rana from Burail, Councilor from Dhanas and former Sarpanch Kuljeet Sandhu, nominated councilor from Sarangpur, farmer leader Satinder Sidhu met Chandigarh Administrator Banwari Lal Purohit for issues near New Airport Road. Met with regard to the inadequacy of the policy for acquisition of farmers’ land, formulating an appropriate land pooling policy for all 23 villages of Chandigarh and the policy of regularizing all construction outside Lal Dora of villages.

The delegation brought to the notice of the Administrator that the present acquisition policy under negotiation is not in the interest of the farmers as the Administration is not acquiring the total land and the farmers will not get adequate award for their land. Due to this issue, a series of meetings of farmers from 23 villages were earlier held in Burail, Dhanas and Sarangpur villages, where the farmers invited then BJP president Arun Sood to air their grievances. Even then, Arun Sood had met the administrator and other administrative officials and apprised them of the problems of the farmers regarding land acquisition.

Arun Sood said that the demand of the farmers is that either the land for this road should be taken under the Land Acquisition Act 2013 where the land is taken by the authority and the farmers are compensated at the urban collector rate or land pooling for this road. Policy, land should be taken under Punjab land pooling pattern. All available agricultural land in Chandigarh should be acquired in this land pooling policy as it comes under the Municipal Corporation and farmers should be compensated accordingly. After the meeting, Arun Sood said that under the negotiation policy, farmers’ land on both sides gets destroyed and farmers will not have access to the remaining land along the boundary wall of the airport. Sood said that if the acquisition is done as per the suggested policies then about 2500 acres of land can be used where a major commercial centre, medical centre, education city or any developmental project can come up.

Land pooling policy will benefit everyone, as farmers will get adequate reward, administration will not give any monetary compensation, citizens will get new infrastructure and new roads as soon as possible. Sood further said that he demanded an early decision on regularizing construction beyond Lal Dora in the villages of Chandigarh as the population is increasing rapidly. Sood said the Administrator assured positive outcome on all their issues after looking into the matter on priority for the welfare of farmers and all citizens.


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