CGC Jhanjeri Applied Sciences

November 11, 2023, Mohali, Punjab: CGC Jhanjeri held an event on November 11, 2023, for National Education Day. The Department of Applied Sciences organized it. The theme was “Design Thinking: A Requirement for Entrepreneurship.”

The event aimed to showcase how design thinking helps develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Students, faculty, and famous guest Dr. Rohit Markan attended. He is a Professor in the MBA program at CSB, CGC Jhanjeri.

The event started with a welcome address about design thinking and entrepreneurship. Then there were discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops. These helped participants understand how design thinking can enable innovative and successful startups.

Dr. Markan shared his real-world experience using design methodologies in business. He explained how this approach helps entrepreneurs handle challenges, spot opportunities, and build sustainable solutions.

In summary, it was an insightful session on applying design thinking to tackle entrepreneurial challenges.


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