Why pollution is increasing in Chandigarh, CPCC will study, applications sought from qualified agencies. Chandigarh is known as the city beautiful and is connected to the three states. They are Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. People from the three states come to study and settle here. Even being a tier 2 and small city, it holds a huge population, which is a big problem coming on its way.


Chandigarh, India. The rapid increase in Chandigarh’s population and vehicles is leading to rising pollution levels in the city, posing a new challenge to the administration. There are different reasons for air pollution in the city. The administration has decided to conduct this study only to identify and solve the reasons for which more pollution is taking place.

About 11 lakh people are now living in Chandigarh, which was built for five lakh people. The number of vehicles plying on the roads is also almost the same. That’s why pollution has increased in a few years. Now the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee is going to conduct a study that in which areas of the city and why pollution is increasing. It is being claimed that future plans will be decided on the basis of this report.

CPCC has been searching for a qualified agency for a long time to conduct a detailed study on air pollution, so now the department has again sought applications from qualified agencies in this regard. Through the study, an effort has to be made to find out which areas of the city have more pollution and what are the reasons for it. Based on the results of the study, appropriate steps will be taken by the administration to reduce air pollution. This study will also be done area-wise, in which data will be prepared keeping in mind all aspects of pollution.


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