Police show corruption against suspended SHO Rajdeep Singh in the case of grabbing kothi located in sector 37 in Chandigarh .In this case the police have added the 18 thousand paper file to the chargesheet . According to the source Based on the pairing in chargesheet now the suspended SHO Rajdeep will also be screwed . After adding the section of the PC act , it is believed that now CBI can re-examine the role of Rajdeep in the kothi case . In charge sheet , the police have also mentioned who was jailed in the kothi case and liquor boran arvind singhal in the case. He had asked for money ,goods ets to do illegal work . In the case of kothi case the police only imposed the PC act on SHO Rajdeep .

The reason for this is that when Rajdeep was in charge of sector 39 police station he helped in the illegal activities of Sanjeev Mahajan and arvind.


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