Chandigarh: Free Health Check-up Camp Organized by Chandigarh Welfare Trust

Chandigarh Welfare Trust is set to host a massive health check-up camp on September 24, 2023, at Sector 39 Grain Market in Chandigarh. This initiative is aimed at providing free medical consultations and treatments to residents, covering a wide range of health issues, including cancer and dental problems.

Distinguished doctors from renowned hospitals across the city will be participating in this camp, offering their expertise and services at no cost. The camp will include the distribution of free medicines and eyeglasses to those in need.

The camp is scheduled to commence at 9:00 AM, and attendees are encouraged to arrive at least an hour early to ensure timely access to medical services. Patients are welcome to consult with multiple doctors, and there is no age limit for participants.

Additionally, special arrangements have been made for providing meals to attendees, ensuring their comfort and well-being during the event.

This charitable endeavor seeks to extend its reach to as many needy individuals as possible. Anyone interested in availing of these services or seeking further information can contact the following numbers:

+91 98759 70020
+91 98759 70027

The Chandigarh Welfare Trust’s commitment to providing free healthcare and support to the community demonstrates the spirit of compassion and goodwill within the city. This health camp promises to make a significant difference in the lives of those in need, reinforcing the importance of community support and healthcare accessibility for all.


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