Stray Cows in Himachal PRadesh

Bhalyana, Theog, Himachal Pradesh. Safety of cows has always been a very crucial yet disguised issue of the country . The increasing number of cows in the road has become a major issue . In one of the statement given by Mr. Vikram Mehta he expressed that cows are not safe in the country and that the government is not doing anything regarding the same . Mr. Mehta is spreading awareness for the safety of cattles.

Mehta was travelling to his village Bhalyana when he saw a huge herd of cows roaming around the street . It was then when he realized the urge to prevent the situation . He also questioned the ‘GAUSHALA’ and ‘ GAU SANSTHANs‘ near by about their funds for cattle . He also showed disappointment towards the lack of action from the Government.

The roaming of cattle causes a lot of street accidents and health issues in the cattle. It is better to execute Vikram Mehta’s plan to spread awareness about the situation.


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