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These days monsoon has lasted for a long as such Uttarakhand Weather is becoming so wild. Now Kumaon Region is next. Continuous Rain in Nainital is looking like a disaster. It is causing landslides there.


Nainital, Uttarakhand.

It is raining like a calamity in Uttarakhand. The fierce form of rivers and drains is visible, while the roads have been destroyed in many places. Traffic came to a standstill due to a landslide from the hill of Thuva near the Bhorya turn of Bhawali Almora National Highway with stones and boulders coming on the road. Here, due to heavy rains, the Shipra River was in spate and water entered the populated area.

Due to torrential rains since Wednesday, traffic on the Dhari-Pokhrad road has completely stopped due to heavy debris coming on the road on Thursday. Villagers and commuters are facing problems due to the closure of the road.

Dhari police outpost in-charge Vijay Kumar said that the movement of vehicles on the road has stopped due to debris coming on the Dhari-Pokhrad road. He said that vehicles are being sent from Padampuri via Kasialekh-Bhatelia road and the Pokharad Inter College route. He said that Lonivi’s JCB has been called to remove the debris.

Due to the rain in Haridwar, the wall of a dilapidated house in Kankhal’s Latowali fell heavily. A car parked outside was damaged by the debris. The rains have caused water logging in many areas of the city. Due to waterlogging, people are facing problems in commuting. On the other hand, the administration team constituted by the District Magistrate is also inspecting the spot along with gathering information about the damages caused by the rains.

There was a long jam of vehicles when the Badrinath Highway was obstructed at Chhinka in Chamoli. Here the highway is blocked due to debris coming from the hill. On the other hand, the process of getting debris continues at many places on Kotdwar Pauri Highway.


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