Deputy Committee Gurugram

District-Level Committee Meeting Held Under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Shri Nishant Kumar Yadav to Discuss Road Safety and Safe School Transportation Policy near Millennium City Center Metro Station

Gurugram: Under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner, Nishant Kumar Yadav, a district-level committee meeting was convened to discuss road safety and the safe transportation policy for school vehicles. The meeting took place near the Millennium City Center Metro Station, focusing on traffic management.

The committee’s primary objective is to establish guidelines and recommendations to enhance road safety and ensure the safety of school transportation. With a growing concern for the well-being of students and commuters, the committee aims to create a comprehensive plan that addresses various aspects of road safety.

DC Shri Nishant Kumar Yadav emphasized the importance of proactive measures to reduce road accidents and improve the security of school vehicles. The meeting served as a crucial step in forming a committee dedicated to traffic management and safety enforcement.

The district-level committee will work closely with relevant authorities to identify potential hazards and implement measures that promote safer roads and school transportation. The committee’s efforts align with the broader goal of creating a secure and efficient transportation network, ultimately benefiting the community.

As discussions progress and plans are formulated, the committee’s recommendations are expected to contribute significantly to road safety initiatives and the safe transportation of students to and from schools within the district.


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