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Report by Snehil Sharma, Chandigarh. There have been many on-demand services nowadays. Many online portals and apps are giving such services It has actually changed the lifestyle. Home services are services that actually based on trust, validation, and prices. India is a huge market for it and many servicepersons from almost the whole of India especially from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar travel to other cities for this labour work. This is prevalent in Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana. People face many difficulties related to price rates, quality work, etc. while dealing directly with them. Also, Labours sometimes receive no payment from their client even after working. It actually demotivates the servicepersons.

Epic Home Service Team
Epic Home Service Team

Looking this into matter two youths from Bihar, “Manish Kumar” and Nishant Kumar established a home service firm called “Epic Home Service”. They have started a portal called “EpicVila.com” that enables an individual to book home services like “Electricians, Plumbers, AC & Appliance Repair, Beautician, etc” online. The firm provides services in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Patna, Purnia, Noida. The magnificent Idea of Manish Kumar and the presentation of the idea in the form of a web portal and application (in development mode) by Nishant Kumar. In starting when Manish Kumar was pursuing his 10th. He started to meet the labourers in Burail sector 45, Labour Chowk Sector 21 and many other labour spots in Mohali, Zirakpur and Panchkula. Nishant and Manish are actually childhood friends. Later on, when Manish joined CGC Landran college to pursue a B Tech degree, he talked about the plan of making this kind of portal and app. Manish dropped his BTech and enrolled more than 150 working professionals from the region and begun the film called “Epic Home Service”.

Epic Home Service actually working as a regulator and responsible body that guarantees quality work in the client’s desired budget. It actually has made “the homes services easy to manage” due to being cost-effective and time-effective. The firm’s demand is growing day by day, especially in Tricity Chandigarh. Till today, the firm has served more than 30000 clients in just one year and having 160 plus manpower working. The regulation of timely payments has made the laborers satisfied with enough work. Now they don’t have to get panic about delayed payments.

Talking about future possibilities the firm is looking forward to initiate interior decor and other home decor services soon. In a conversation with Manish, he said we will not open on a large scale and will remain region-specific for now. On the whole “Epic Home Service” is a one-stop spot home service provider that actually is helping in raising the definite employment, better quality home service, and organized regulation between client and the vendor.


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