Accidental pickup after hitting the RTI car and the RTI car damaged in the accident.
During the accident, the team was checking the papers of the dump truck the accident happened near Golpura in Raipurrani.

The RTI team, which was checking the papers by stopping the tipper near Golpura village of Raipurrani, was hit by a speeding pickup. A constable died on the spot in the accident. While a head constable, inspector, sub-inspector and driver sustained injuries. All the three injured were treated at Raipurrani’s CHC.

At 12 noon, an Inspector Joginder Singh, Sub Inspector Darshan Singh, Head Constable Jaswinder Singh, Constable Sandeep and a driver Subhash went to Raipurrani for checking. At around 12.30, the head constable and constable were checking the papers by stopping the Himachal number truck near Golpura village of Raipurrani.

In this, the pickup of the temporary number coming from Shahzadpur hit Jaswinder and Sandeep, breaking the gate of the truck driver’s side. The collision was so strong that the RTI car stopped after going about 100 feet ahead. Inspector, sub-inspector and driver were sitting in RTI’ s vehicle and they also suffered a lot of injuries.


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