The farmers have decided to go on hunger strike till December 7 by putting chains around their necks on the Kundli border. Further decision will be taken after the meeting of SKM. The farmers said that the government should make a law soon regarding the guarantee of MSP, it is wrong to implicate the farmers in the turn of the committee.

In Haryana’s Sonipat district, six farmers have started a hunger strike near the main platform of the ongoing farmers’ movement on the Kundli border, demanding a law to guarantee MSP. Their demand is that there should not be a committee on MSP, but they will return only after the guarantee law is enacted. He will go on hunger strike till December 7. After this, the next decision will be taken after the decision of the meeting of the United Kisan Morcha.

The United Kisan Morcha has constituted a 5-member committee to hold talks with the government on all issues including MSP. Also, on December 7, a meeting has been called on the Kundli border for the next strategy. Meanwhile, on Sunday, near the main stage at Kundli border, six farmers have started a hunger strike demanding the MSP guarantee law.

Satnam Singh, a farmer sitting on hunger strike, told that he has kept himself in chains. With which he wants to send a message to the government that for 200 years farmers are living a life of slavery. But the governments have done nothing for them. Now the central government may have withdrawn three agriculture laws, but the MSP guarantee law has also been an important issue for them.


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