Huge boAt Users' data leaked on Dark Web

New Delhi – Data of millions of Indian users may fall into the hands of cyber criminals. Data of millions of users of consumer brand boAt has been seen on the Dark Web, which includes their personal information. According to the report coming out, data of about 7.5 million i.e. 75 lakh users has been found on the dark web, which includes users’ names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail IDs, customer IDs etc.

According to Forbes India, the personal data of millions of users of the company making smartwatches and wearable devices has been seen on the dark web on 5 April 2024. The leaked data is very sensitive as it contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII means that the users’ data includes name, address, phone number, e-mail address, customer ID and many other information.

According to the report, the data of boAt users has been leaked on 5 April 2024. A user named ShopifyGUY on the dark web has taken responsibility for this data leak. The size of the leaked data of boAt users is 2GB, which the hacker has stolen and posted on the dark web forum. Security experts believe that cyber criminals can use this data of users for cyber fraud.

No statement has been issued by boAt regarding this data breach. This is not the first time that users’ data has been leaked on the dark web. Earlier, data of millions of users of Facebook (Meta), Microsoft and even Google has been leaked on the dark web.

Earlier this year, data of millions of users of many government organizations like EPFO and BSNL has been leaked on the dark web. Apart from these, data of Air India and Reliance was also uploaded on Github. Indian agency CERT-In also investigated the leaked data of users.


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