Featured, Chandigarh, India. The lockdown was a difficult and boring time for all of us together. What with the anxiety of ill health, the droning boredom of having nothing to do sitting at home was almost eating us alive.

Mayuresh Gupta found a way around this and turned to art to while away his time. As kids, we busy ourselves with finding what we like; exploring new hobbies, and trying out new things to keep us happy and cheerful. Why is it that we lose that thought of wonder when we grow up – thought Mayuresh and went on to discover his happiness in arts and crafts at the age of 16.

Almost a year ago, a young Mayuresh Gupta posted one of his arts on his Instagram account and it gained a good response to his surprise and so he decided to start a new Instagram page just for his arts and crafts. That’s where @paper.cute.diy ‘s journey had begun. He is an artist that is self-taught and he keeps learning as he goes. It is an art page for learning crafts, drawings, or sketches for kids. There’s something for everyone, if you even just enjoy watching craft, you should definitely consider following this page.

At 16 years old, you don’t have a lot on your mind, you just do the things you love because you love doing them and nothing much else. He had started this just as a hobby but with the mammoth response he couldn’t just give it up. He began posting consistently and slowly his community grew but then after a while, it didn’t receive as much spurt. He didn’t give up. Mayuresh found a workaround for this as well. He tried to learn how the Instagram algorithm worked and started making video content and went on to post reels consistently and then within no time he gained over one lakh followers in a month. He couldn’t believe it and from there on out he had to keep going. He then started getting recogonised by big-time creators and artists. They mentioned his art in their stories and he slowly grew to a magnanimous following of over 3 lakhs now.

When Mayuresh started posting videos he didn’t know it would do wonders for him. It started out rocky but eventually, it all worked out for the best. In the beginning, it was just to kill time but now, he has become a full-time content creator. He also branched out and runs his own youtube channel where he films videos on tutorials of how to make art like him. Kids form a majority of his fan base and they all love how authentic and fun he is. When he had asked what keeps him going, “My fans keep me going, their love and support make me want to do a lot more and give me all the energy I need”, he smiled.

Mayuresh did learn a huge life lesson over this year apart from the fantastic art skill, he learned that ‘consistency is key’. If you’re consistent be it in any field you will make it one day and that day may be sooner than you think. He keeps at it and keeps growing as an artist and a content creator. Follow him along on his journey by clicking the links below to his Instgram and Youtube Channel



YouTube: www.youtube.com/PaperDIY


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