Mohali, Punjab. It was an event never seen before, and it seemed like the whole of Africa was at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri as it staged the International Diplomat Meet 2021. The big event saw the convergence of Diplomats from 11+ countries seating together and discussing important events on how CGC Jhanjeri can be made a better educational institution for international students and what different problems are faced by them in overseas country.

Upon their arrival, diplomats from Royan, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, South Sudan, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia and others were presented bouquet and given warm welcome by S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC along with senior staff members. The event at the conference hall started with a welcome speech by Mr. Neeraj Sharma, Executive Director. He highlighted that CGC Jhanjeri lay emphasis on innovation and proudly claimed that we are filing almost one patent every day. Soon after a brief overview about the college was given by Mr. Sahil Kapoor, Associate Director, Marketing and Business Development, detailing about the progress path this college has taken since its inception. Present at the conference hall were Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Director HR, Mr. G. D. Bansal and S. Balbir Singh Dhol as Expert Consultants.

Thereafter, speeches were made by Prof. Nabhit Kapur, Ambassabor to Royan in India, Ashutoush, Spokesperson to Consulate to Royan, Mr. Mansingh, Spokesperson from Norway, Mr. Mwitumwa, Secretary to High Commission, Zambia, Mr. Anoh Kouassi Martin, Counsellor in Charge of Counsular Dept., Mrs. Dijanou Martinr, Education Divison Country Ivory Coast, Mr. Lazer, Education attaché South Sudan, Ms. Esther Karema Mutua, Education attaché, High Commissioner, Kenya High Commission, Ms. Annie K. Naanda, First Secretary to High Commission of Namibia and Sediqullah Sahar, Education attaché, Afghanistan.

Some of the salient features of this discussion was the issues raised or problems faced by African students who are studying in India, including first the language barrier, the cultural shock and financial constraints that are faced by students. International students are from different culture and at times they find it difficult to adjust to new environment, many of these students face financial difficulties while completing their studies here, some complained that they find it difficult to understand the subject taught in local language.

Taking charge of the situation, CGC Jhanjeri’s Executive Director consoled and assured all the diplomats that no such problems are and will be face by students here. He stated that the college has appointed staffs who perform random and regular checks in classrooms to make sure that none of the academic staff is imparting education in local language. Taking up the issue of financial constraints, he stated that the college awards scholarships and easy loan facilities to deserving and financially constrained students.

Pitching his view point here, Mr. Sahil Kapoor, stated that he himself had been an international student and is aware of the problems faced by these students in different countries and assured the entire diplomats that the management at CGC Jhanjeri has taken up all the adequate measures to provide a hassle free study environment to international students. All the participants present at the event agreed that this meeting has concluded in lot of positive things and look forward for bright and mutually beneficial future.

After a detailed serious discussion, all the diplomats and Chief Guest headed to state-of-the-art auditorium where they were entertained through colourful cultural event including classical dance, contemporary dance and bhangra. The highlight of this session was the dance performance by international students on Punjabi song.

At the conclusion of the marathon event, the chief guest expressed his thoughts by stating, “CGC Jhanjeri is one of the most successful college in the whole of North India and congratulated President of the college for this remarkable achievement. He also expressed his delight that diplomats from so many countries converged at one place.” Speaking on the occasion, S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President, CGC stated, “It is a matter of utmost honour for everyone involved as CGC Jhanjeri has staged such an important event. With everyone’s effort CGC Jhanjeri is growing into a truly international institution.”


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