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Mohali. The Punjab Government canceled the lease of ten acres of Gaushala at Balongi for not filling it. This cowshed is run by an organization headed by former minister Balbir Singh Sidhu. The basis for the cancellation of the lease is very weak. At the same time, former Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu said that he will appeal this decision.

There is a rural gaushala at Balongi set up by Balbir Singh Sidhu, a former Health Minister, in association with businessmen. Animals are also sent by the Municipal Corporation. According to the Punjab Government’s order, ten acres of Shamlat land from village Panchayat Balongi has been leased for 33 years. The rate for this lease is Rs 25,000 per acre.

In the order, the department states the institution did not submit their lease timely. If the rules are violated, the government can terminate the lease without notice. Issuing this order, the department instructs the District Development and Panchayat Officer to collect the outstanding amount and deposit it in the account of the Gram Panchayat. Also, action should be taken against the officials who are negligent in these matters.
Satnam Singh Daun, head of Punjab Against Corruption Sanstha, said the government’s actions are only for show. The other party will get relief from the court. Such an action by the government should be taken seriously. Report by Deepanshi Chug


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