tree fall in carmel convent

Chandigarh. A big accident has happened in Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana. In the Carmel Convent School, Sector-9, a giant tree, a known to e 250 plus years old, fell down in the morning itself. Many children have been injured by the tree fall. It is being told that a girl child has died and 19 school children have been injured. Also the attendant is also severely injured. The deceased student has been identified as Hirakshi. She lived with her parents in Sector 43.

The accident happened when it was recess in the school and many children were playing near this big tree, when suddenly the tree fell on the children. The injured children have been admitted to GMSH-16. At the same time, parents have also reached the school as soon as the information of the accident is received. The parents are making a ruckus at the gate.

Chandigarh Administration has ordered an inquiry regarding the accident. Along with this, such trees will be investigated in other schools as well and the engineering department will conduct the survey within 2 days. Till now information has been received that 19 children and one attendant have come in the grip of this accident. The tree was marked as “the heritage of Chandigarh”.

Questions that are coming in everyone’s mind is that Why the step of checking old trees was not taken before? It is not not just that one is injured or 1000s are injured or one is died. Everyone’s life matters. What was the security of the school doing? Shame on the school and Chandigarh administration for such irresponsible behavior.


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