Girls’ girls were kept hostage in Sadatganj’s’ Khadijatul Kubra Leelaban ‘madrasa. The directors of the madarsa used to pressurise girls to do unrestrainable work, as well as doing unusual acts. Disturbed by them, girls on Friday afternoon, threw a letter to locals via window and told the locals to send their message to the police. Through the information of the incident, in the evening, police raided the madarsas and freed 51 girls. With this, the police arrested Qari Tayyab Jiya, the director of the madrasa. Syed Mohammad Jilani Ashraf is a religious teacher living in A-Block of Indiranagar. He bought a 1660 sq ft plot long ago in Yasinganj, Saadatganj. In which he opened the Khadizatul Qubra madrasa named Leibnah. Sayyid Mohammad Jilani told that he had entrusted the responsibility of supervising and operating the madarsa to Qari Tayyab Jia, resident of Yasinganj. After some time, Kari Tayyab Jia turned madarsa into a girls’ hostel. Syed Mohammad Jilani told that Kari Tayyab Jia madrassa was running his own dilemma. When he opposed it, he used to threaten them and ban them.

Students throw a letter and showed their pain

ASP West Vikas Chandra Tripathi said that at present, there were a total of 125 girl students studying in Madarsa. On Friday afternoon, some students staying in hostels throw a letter and prescription from the madarsa windows. In these parchments it was written that .. The operator has kept us hostage, he tamper with us and behaves inhumanly with us. The victims asked the local people to take these things to the police and help them. If this leaflet was not taken by locals, they would have remained silent. The people of the Mohalla immediately informed about this matter to the owner of the madrasa, Sayyid Mohammad Jilani Ashraf. The madrasa did not allow the boss to enter When Syed Mohammad Jilani arrived in Madarsa on receiving the information, the girls were inside and locked from the outside. Jilani complained to Sadaatganj Police When the matter came to light, SSP Deepak Kumar apprised the officials of the District Administration, Minority Commission and Child Welfare Committee. ASP, led by ASP Vikas Chandra Tripathi, raided the seminary in the police, administration and child Welfare Committee team. During this period, the police freed 51 students who were held hostage in the madrasa. Delhi: Conductor tampered with class I student at bus The driver started crying on the trap Police arrested the madrassa operative Qari Tayyab Jiya. CO Bazaarkhala Anil Kumar Yadav said that two cases have been registered in this case. The first case has been lodged against Tyah Jia and his associates on Tahrir, who has been sued, which has been tampered with, made hostage, assaulted, and acted in the sections of Poxo Act. On the other hand, the second case is being conducted on the Tahsir of Madarassa’s Sayyed Mohammad Jilani, in which Kari Tayyab Jiya will be accused of fraud. Child Welfare Committee has recorded statements of girl students. The streams can be increased on the basis of this. The accused operator had complained to the police Madrasa’s owner, Zilani Ashraf, says that on Friday, when he got the complaint, the accused director Tayyab Jia threatened him and ordered him to stay away from the matter. The accused complained to Sayed Zilani Ashraf and his associates Ahmed Mian and Furqan Ali in Sadatganj police station to save themselves. First delineated drug and then pulled up porn pictures, know the whole case Police did not get serious at the beginning On finding out the inhuman treatment of girl students, Syed Mohammad Jilani Ashraf complained to Sadatganj police on Thursday itself. However, the police had taken this case lightly. Mohammad Jilani alleges that the police had scuttled the matter by asking the police to investigate. On this, he complained to the SSP Deepak Kumar, and then proceeded to take action.

Credits – Live Hindustan


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