Life is always about three things Food, shelter, and clothes, but in our country, there are many people who are living without them. They are living on roads, under trees, bridges etc. They live on what we give to them. While traveling and celebrating the new year we have come across following scenes that actually made us upset.

We feel very happy when we see our kids running and dancing in the parties, we feel amazed seeing our wife or girlfriend looking beautiful in the party eves of the new year. But kindly notice how these people feel at the time. They were just waiting for the morning to enjoy the left outs of our party.Slum kids after new year party morning

Our government is crying loud to make out cities clean but we highly civilized people make our roads dirty and just check out who is making it clean. Hence they should be paid for that.

slum people cleaning roads

Out seeing such things on the eve we have made a resolution and want all of you to acknowledge them in our society. They should be given work, there are many NGOs too who are working in this respect and our government should note their work and give them ethical jobs.

Well Happy new year, Team Humari Baat wishes you with properous and healthy 2018.


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