Akali Dal leader said soon a big leader of Akali Dal will join BJP

Chandigarh, May 8
Several workers, including the Mandal President of Akali Dal, joined the BJP on Wednesday and also announced that a big leader of Akali Dal will also join.

At the BJP state office in Sector-33, Kamalam, President Jatinder Pal Malhotra and BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon met Mani Arora, Akali Dal Mandal President Pradeep Mittal, Manavta Foundation President Sunny Rajput, Anil Kumar Gandhi, retired Inspector of Chandigarh Police Shravan Kumar, News Paper. General Secretary of the Vendor Association, Vishal Khillon, Pawan Gill, Abhishek, Ankur Mahajan, Manju, Aruna Chauhan and other workers welcomed everyone with party scarves.

The BJP President said in the last 75 years, development work has not been done in any government before as fast as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s government has done.

India has reached great heights during his tenure, but the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party are trying to mislead the public. He has appealed to all the workers to go among the public and inform them about the public welfare policies of the BJP government and the development work done in the last 10 years.

He said the Congress itself is a lost party, the result of which is that a national party like Congress has surrendered before a party like Aam Aadmi Party.

In Punjab, both these parties are fighting against each other and calling each other a thief. Whereas in Chandigarh, both of them have an alliance and are seeking votes for each other.

The BJP state president said the Congress can make as many gems as it wants, but only Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister and that too by winning more than 400 seats.

He said the people of Chandigarh have created a mood that BJP will send candidate Sanjay Tandon to Parliament by making him victorious with more than 60 percent votes.

On this occasion, Akali Dal Mandal President Sunny Rajput and Mani Arora said today they are happy that they are joining the BJP which is contributing to the development of India.

They felt good that the party is working wholeheartedly for the country. From today onwards all of them are also becoming a part of it. He said that from today onwards his entire team will work with full energy to make BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon victorious.

On this occasion, BJP State General Secretary Amit Jindal, former Mayor and BJP leader Ravikant Sharma, District President Ravi Rawat and Ravinder Malik were present.


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