Report by Aradhya, Barabanki. Mazar built in the middle of the road was removed late night, shifting took place elsewhere.

The process of shifting the year-old Pakriya tree and shrine to another place between the main road of Fatehpur town of Barabanki and the road in Munshiganj market was started late at night on Saturday after everyone’s consent.On Saturday, a meeting was held in the Kotwali campus with the councilors, businessmen and dignitaries under the joint chairmanship of the SDM and CO regarding the shifting. SDM Pankaj Singh said that the government has directed to remove such places and encroachments from public places and roads. All the people present in the meeting agreed to remove the tree and tomb and shift it to another location. After this, the process of removing the tree and tomb under the leadership of SDM and CO started the shift to another place.

Due to the presence of trees and tomb on the main road connecting Deva to Mahadeva and Terai areas, both its roads were narrowed. Due to this, there was also a long jam due to the movement of vehicles several times a day. The 80-year-old pakariya tree attached to the tomb has also bowed to one side


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