Aradhya, Chandigarh. Corona cases increases across the country, more than 25 thousand cases registered in 24 hours, 161 lost their lives

The situation has become worrying once again in the country as the number of people infected with Covid-19 is increasing every day. In India, people are being vaccinated under the second phase of vaccination campaign, but in the meantime more than 25 thousand cases of corona have been reported.

Government should take essential steps to get rid of these coronavirus cases. As per the reports the only measure to counter coronavirus is to use sanitizers and face mask properly. Government should take a fast way method to vaccinate infected patients as soon as possible. Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are the states where cases are more. 13,659 cases are from Maharashtra, Kerala witnessed 2475 new cases while 1393 cases are from Punjab.


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